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Happy-Furever™ Info & Education

Frequently asked questions about the Happy-Furever™ series, best practices for using the products, and how Happy-Furever™ can help your pup's health.

How do I use CBD Happy-Furever™ for my dog? What's the most effective way?

(1a) Transmucosal applications or rubbing CBD oil onto your dog's gums. (1b) Rub into the soft skin of your dog's inner ear. (2) Apply directly on dog food - drop it on their food and mix it well. (3) Apply directly onto treat - trick or treat?. Impo

Is CBD Happy-Furever™ safe for dogs?

As the stigma surrounding hemp-derived CBD continues to lessen, there’s no reason not to try CBD for your dog. However, we understand why some are still skeptical because in many ways CBD sounds too good to be true. So, we'll put your mind at ease, h

Is CBD Happy-Furever™ safe for cats?

Absolutely, yes! Our CBD formulation is suitable for use with cats as well. Here's our Happy-Furever™ formulation that can benefit our feline companions:. 1. CBD Benefits for Cats: Cannabidiol (CBD) has been observed to have various health benefits f

What if my dog doesn't like it?

Well, the good news is that our oils have a natural bacon flavor to help dogs better enjoy the product. But dogs in general can be averse to oils and CBD, and it's totally normal!. So, in the rare event that they do not like it… Simply mix it with th

What exactly is in CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil?

> USA-Grown Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Extract (1,000mg)*. > Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil (Derived From Coconut Oil). > Organic Natural Flavoring (Derived From Organic Ingredients). Take a look around, and you will quickly find why our pro

Why choose Happy-Furever™ over other products?

We understand that there are other products on the market that claim to help your dogs with anxiety, or inflammation. However, many of times these products are either careless extracted with low potency in each bottle, lacking the dosage that would t

What's the recommended dosage of Happy-Furever™ for my dogs?

We have a recommended dosage schedule based on Veterinarian's advice This information can be found on the back of all our product's packaging. Different dogs (of different weight and sizes) would require different dosages. The rule of thumb for our b

How soon can I expect results?

The response time to CBD Happy-Furever™ can indeed differ from one dog to another, as it is a natural supplement that dogs may need time to adapt to. Many dog parents have observed noticeable positive changes in their pets' behavior and well-being wi

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with cognitive decline/cognitive dysfunction?

Research into CBD's effects on canine cognitive dysfunction is still in the early stages, but there is some evidence to suggest it may be beneficial. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that cannabinoids could have ne

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with cancer?

CBD Happy-Furever™ could potentially offer supportive benefits for dogs dealing with cancer, though it's important to understand that research is ongoing. Evidence points to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties, which may help alleviate pain and inflam

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with seizures management?

When it comes to using CBD Happy-Furever™ for dogs with seizures, there's some promise and hope here. The research on CBD for seizures in dogs is emerging, and there are indications that CBD may help manage seizure activity in some dogs. In humans, t

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with pain management and joint problems?

CBD Happy-Furever™ may be helpful for dogs experiencing pain and joint problems. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are of particular interest in the treatment of conditions like arthritis, which is a common cause of pain and joint issues in dog

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with their digestive systems or stomach upsets?

If your dog is experiencing vomiting or gastrointestinal problems, there could be various causes behind these digestive disturbances. While some of these issues may be resolved with medication, others might require comprehensive veterinary treatment.

Can I wean my dogs off Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammation Drugs (NSAIDs) with CBD Happy-Furever™?

CBD is gaining attention as an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain management in dogs, particularly for chronic conditions such as arthritis. Here’s how CBD may offer benefits in this context:. 1. Pain Relief and Ant

Does the bacon flavouring of CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil contain any proteins?

The natural bacon flavor is not made from any animal proteins. Our products are vegan and our formulation team uses a natural recipe that we consider one of our 'trade secrets'. So if your dog has protein sensitivities, you can use the oil with peace

When do your products expire?

For CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil:. For CBD Happy-Furever™ Chews & Other Chews:. Remember, proper storage is key for both products to ensure you get the best use out of them within their respective expiration periods.

I'm deciding between Happy-Furever™ Oil vs. Chews - any suggestions?

When choosing between CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil and Chews for your dog, it's important to consider that both products are made from the same high-quality, full-spectrum CBD formulation. However, there are key differences to keep in mind:. 1. Effectivene

Is Happy-Furever™ safe for pregnant dogs?

At present, there is limited research regarding the use of CBD products like Happy-Furever™ Oil or Chews in pregnant dogs. Consequently, the safety and potential effects of CBD oil on pregnant dogs and their developing fetuses have not been thoroughl

CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil Dosage and Administration

The rule of thumb for our bottles is to use 0.025ml per 1lb of body weight. So, to find your unique dosage, you can simply multiply 0.025ml with your dog's body weight.However, we always recommend that you start from a lower dose so your dog gets adj

Will CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil help a dog with a heart problem?

While there isn’t extensive research directly linking CBD to heart health improvements in dogs, it is known for its anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties which could potentially benefit a dog with heart issues. As with all supplements, you

Is CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil safe to be given to a dog that is already taking medication for allergies?

CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil can usually be used along with allergy meds, but we do recommend you discuss this with your vet first. They can help monitor for any interactions and adjust the dosage of the allergy medication accordingly to ensure your dog’s

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil be taken when a dog is taking joint meds?

Yes, CBD can be used with joint medications, and may even complement their effects with its anti-inflammatory properties. However, discussing this with your veterinarian is key to managing the overall treatment plan and dosages.

Does CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil elevate a dog's liver enzymes? How does it affect the liver long-term with the THC that is in it?

CBD oil has been shown to elevate liver enzymes in some cases, which can be an indicator of liver stress. THC can also contribute to this effect. It is important to choose a high-quality product with very low THC levels (0.3% or below) and stay up-to

Is it safe to put CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil in a dog capsule for picky eaters?

Yes, CBD capsules can be a good option for picky eaters who don’t like the flavor of the oil. Ensure the capsules are made specifically for dogs to avoid any ingredients that might be harmful to your pet.

What is the proper way of weaning dogs off anxiety meds?

If your dog is responding well to CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil for anxiety, you can discuss with your veterinarian how to gradually reduce the dosage of their anxiety medications without triggering any unwanted effects. The exact plan will differ according

Can dogs take CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil along with seizure meds?

In most cases, CBD oil can be given to dogs who take seizure medications, provided this is done under the guidance of a veterinarian to manage potential interactions.

Dog hair was tested for food and environmental intolerance and it found out he's at high risk, is CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil still fine to be given?

If your dog has significant allergies, you need to ensure the CBD product is free from any allergens. You should discuss the product’s ingredients list with your vet before beginning treatment. Here's a copy of our Certificate of Analysis which inclu

Should I be using the CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil and the CBD Happy-Furever™ Chews together giving the recommended dosage of both on the same day? Or do I need to reduce each dose if it will be given together?

When using both CBD oil and chews, ensure the total combined dosage does not exceed the recommended daily amount for your dog. You may need to adjust the dosage of each to achieve this balance.

How do I properly wean off dogs from meds like Prozac, fluoxetine, etc. if I will be giving CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil?

Weaning off medications like Prozac should be done carefully with a plan developed by your veterinarian. Introducing CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil during this process should also be monitored closely by your vet to ensure it supports the transition without

Can CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil be used as a topical for skin allergies/irritations or cysts?

CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil may be beneficial when applied topically to help manage skin allergies and irritations, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, there are many different causes of skin conditions in pets, and it’s important to check w

Can giving CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil cause habit forming or dependency on it?

CBD is not known to cause dependency or habit-forming behavior in dogs. It is considered safe for long-term use under the guidance of your vet, to manage conditions like anxiety and chronic pain without the risk of addiction.