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How soon can I expect results?Updated 8 months ago

The response time to CBD Happy-Furever™ can indeed differ from one dog to another, as it is a natural supplement that dogs may need time to adapt to. Many dog parents have observed noticeable positive changes in their pets' behavior and well-being within just a few days of starting the supplement. Common early signs of the supplement taking effect include better sleep, a calmer demeanor, and an increased appetite—all indicators of a content and healthy dog.

As the weeks go by, further enhancements in your dog's health may become evident. You may notice a shinier coat, a reduction in bodily pains, and an increase in energy, evident from bursts of playful excitement like the "zoomies" during fetch.

It's crucial to acknowledge that, like humans, some dogs may require a longer period to fully benefit from natural supplements like CBD oil. Patience is key, and during this time, it's also important to continue reinforcing good behavior.

When CBD helps to bring your dog to a more tranquil state, it's an opportune moment to introduce new habits and work on phasing out any undesirable behaviors. Remember, while CBD can support your dog's well-being, it is not a substitute for consistent training and conditioning.

Keep an eye out for signs of improvement; sometimes, they may not be immediately obvious. Documenting your dog's journey with videos and photos can help you recognize progress that you might otherwise overlook.

Furthermore, improvements might be taking place internally, such as enhanced immune function or reduced inflammation, which aren't always visible. The absence of health issues can often be a silent testament to the efficacy of the supplement, reflecting your dog's overall health and vitality. So, while some benefits of CBD are seen, others are felt—a healthy dog is a happy dog, inside and out.

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