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What if my dog doesn't like it?Updated 8 months ago

Well, the good news is that our oils have a natural bacon flavor to help dogs better enjoy the product. But dogs in general can be averse to oils and CBD, and it's totally normal!

So, in the rare event that they do not like it… Simply mix it with their meals or condition them to enjoy the dosage by rewarding them with a high-value treat after using the oils orally. 

This way, they can associate the experience as a positive one. It’s 100% possible to administer the oil to your dogs, no matter how picky they are. It’s only a matter of training and conditioning. As dog parents, it's essential to understand that our dogs behave like young children and do not have the cognitive abilities to understand what's good for them. 

You know; they hate going to the vet, eating medication, brushing their teeth, or doing any sort of grooming… But we all know how important this is to their health and well-being… 

You don't stop doing these activities just because they don't like it, right? And you know very well that they would devour an entire jar of peanut butter if they had the chance, even if they were to fall terribly ill…

You see, if your vet prescribed your dog life-changing medicine, you would do whatever it takes to get it into their system. That's the approach you should have with Happy-Furever™ if your dog is picky!

The good news is that with a bit of patience, training, and a 'delicious bribe', you can condition your dogs adapt to the new routine of using CBD Oil. If your dog has a sensitive digestive system, you can also mix it with their food. 

What if they are not eating their food? You can use the gentle starvation method - this involves waiting until your dog is hungry enough to not be choosy, if they understand that they can't get away with not eating it, their hunger instincts will eventually cave into any discomfort. Sometimes dogs are afraid of new things, so don't be afraid to train and condition them to adapt!

Hundreds of thousands of dog parents have done it, you can too!

The benefits of using the oil far outweigh the temporary discomfort or aversion (if any) that they may face.

Of course, for non-picky dogs that devour anything and everything - this isn't really a problem! Remember - the hallmark of a successful dog owner is the ability to guide and train their dogs, don't coddle them!

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