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Is Happy-Furever™ safe for pregnant dogs?Updated 7 months ago

At present, there is limited research regarding the use of CBD products like Happy-Furever™ Oil or Chews in pregnant dogs. Consequently, the safety and potential effects of CBD oil on pregnant dogs and their developing fetuses have not been thoroughly studied or established. 

Given this lack of specific research, we strongly recommend consulting with a veterinarian before administering any CBD products, including Happy-Furever™ Oil, to a pregnant dog. A veterinarian can provide personalized advice based on the individual health needs and circumstances of your pet.

Moreover, it is always prudent to err on the side of caution when dealing with supplements or medications in pregnant animals. The absence of conclusive evidence on safety does not necessarily imply safety, and each dog's health situation is unique.

Due to the lack of definitive research and to ensure the utmost care for your pregnant dog, it is advisable to seek professional veterinary guidance before considering the use of CBD products like Happy-Furever™ Oil during pregnancy.

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