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CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil Dosage and AdministrationUpdated 11 days ago

The rule of thumb for our bottles is to use 0.025ml per 1lb of body weight. So, to find your unique dosage, you can simply multiply 0.025ml with your dog's body weight.

However, we always recommend that you start from a lower dose so your dog gets adjusted first and to observe if there's any unwanted reaction. If there's none then gradually increase it to the recommended dose or even higher where your dog finds relief.

There's no hard rule on the exact amount. Different dogs react differently. 
The idea here is to allow your dog's body to adapt to the oil.

Splitting the dosage to twice daily, half in the morning after meal and another half in the evening before bedtime, could potentially offer more consistent results. This approach helps maintain a stable level of CBD in your dog's system throughout the day.

For the fastest, possibly leading to quicker results  and most thorough absorption, lift the lip and apply CBD oil directly onto the gums or under the tongue so it goes directly into their bloodstream without traveling through their digestive system. This is also best for dogs having digestive issues.

Kindly refer to this video on how to administer it: How To Give Your Pet Transmucosal Medication

If you're having a hard time giving it through the gums, another method is rubbing the oil into the soft skin of your dog's inner ear. This works well like transmucosal because it does not go through the digestive tract, making it bioavailable.

If added to food, the supplement may not be as effective. It can take significantly longer to reach the bloodstream. 

Remember, while CBD oil can help alleviate anxiety, it's not a cure-all. Combining it with other methods like conditioning and desensitization is highly recommended for a more holistic approach to your pets' well-being. Patience is key here, as some dogs might need more time to adjust than others.  

Kindly access the CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil Success Guide to check the CBD's bioavailability according to manner of administration.

Also check this Canine Calm Blueprint for additional and helpful free training resources needed to achieve the full potential of our CBD products. 

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