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Can CBD Happy-Furever™ help my dogs with seizures management?Updated 8 months ago

When it comes to using CBD Happy-Furever™ for dogs with seizures, there's some promise and hope here. The research on CBD for seizures in dogs is emerging, and there are indications that CBD may help manage seizure activity in some dogs.

In humans, the most compelling evidence of CBD's efficacy in treating seizures comes from its use in treating certain forms of epilepsy, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Based on this human evidence, researchers are investigating CBD's potential anticonvulsant properties in animals.

A study published in the journal "Pet Behaviour Science" in 2019 observed that CBD could reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs with epilepsy when used in addition to standard antiepileptic treatment. It’s thought that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain that can influence neurological activity and potentially reduce the number and severity of seizures.

However, it is essential that dog owners do not think of CBD as a complete replacement for their dog's prescribed medication / medical intervention. If a dog is currently being treated for seizures, getting professional advice could be helpful.

Should you like to incorporate this treatment, and you'd like your vet's opinion - it's important to approach your vet from a place of seeking guidance rather than expecting them to advocate for its use. This approach allows you to take responsibility for the choice while seeking their professional insight on how to do so safely.

Not all veterinarians may be fully aware of the potential benefits of CBD as vets are not allowed to prescribe CBD Oil as it's not considered a prescription drug, and many vets would rather just adopt a 'do no harm' approach to protect their practice.

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