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What's the recommended dosage of Happy-Furever™ for my dogs?Updated 8 months ago

We have a recommended dosage schedule based on Veterinarian's advice This information can be found on the back of all our product's packaging. Different dogs (of different weight and sizes) would require different dosages.

The rule of thumb for our bottles is to use 0.25ml per 10lbs of body weight, or 0.025ml per 1lbs of body weight. OR 0.5mg of CBD per 1lb of body weight. 

So, if you're using the oil - to find your unique dosage, you can simply multiply 0.025ml with your dog's body weight.

  •         For example, if my dog weighs 62lbs, I would simply take 62 x 0.025ml = 1.55ml

As you can see, the recommended dosage would be ~ 1.55ml. However, you can start with half the dosage and slowly increase your way to the point where your dog finds relief.

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So, if you're using the chews - bear in mind each chew has 25mg of CBD, so in this case based on your dog's body weight of 62lbs.

  •         Simply take 0.5mg x 62 = 31mg of CBD
  •         Which means your dog can take 1.2 ~ 1.5 chews.

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Some dogs find relief with a lower dose, and some might need a higher dose. Every dog is unique, and there's no hard rule. This rule of thumb is here to give you a framework.

Dosing is more of an art not a science. There's no hard rule on the exact amount. Different dogs react differently, but it's always best practice to start off at a lower dosage and adjust accordingly. Give your dog's body to adapt. If your dog is having digestive upsets, it's likely because you're giving them too much, too soon.

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