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What is Paw Origins' Direct-To-Consumer Program?Updated 7 months ago

Some pet parents ask us - how are we able to offer such huge discounts from traditional retail prices? And why are we priced so competitively relative to our competitors?

At Paw Origins, we are solely a direct-to-consumer brand, which means you won't find any of our products currently in store. This means we skip all the fat middlemen retailer fees other pet brands have to deal with.

Not only would this allow us to have the highest form of quality control, we get to ship these products directly to your door-step.

And we get to pass on some of these cost savings to you. We know that once your dog experiences all of the life-changing effects of the formula, you're not going to want to give them up.

Hence we have also introduced bulk discounted prices on orders of 3 and 6 bags, making it even more cost-effective and eco-friendly to send you several months' worth of products in one shipment. It also helps us to reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping.

When you purchase our bundles, we get to pass on the cost savings to you, and it helps us to keep our formula affordable. Nearly 87.5% of our savvy customers end up choosing a bundle!

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